Ann Pruyne, MS, OTR

Ann graduated in occupational therapy from the College of St. Catherine in 1982 and received her Masters in Occupational Therapy in 1994 from the University of Indianapolis. She has worked in a variety of areas including in- and out-patient clinics, hand therapy, rehab and acute care, pediatric in- and out-patient, and home health. She has worked in specialty programs of lymphedema, incontinence, pediatrics, hand therapy, aquatic therapy, work hardening, and industrial rehab.

Her primary focus in therapy is alleviating pain and restrictions in the body through soft tissue and movement techniques, allowing the client to move freely. She works with her clients developing simple techniques they can use on their own to maintain and improve their function and to manage their pain and tightness. She also collaborates with your other health care providers to coordinate care to help maximize your outcome.

Ann also feels ongoing education is important and attends several continuing education courses each year to learn new techniques and hone her skills. Besides the community courses she currently teaches, she has taught several professional courses over the years in soft tissue techniques, tai chi in therapy, and taught the Pediatric Occupational Therapy curriculum at St. Ambrose University for 3 years in Davenport, IA.

Ann has also been a Certified Tai Chi Chuan instructor since 1994, and teaches Tai Chi and qigong classes to adults and seniors. She developed a modified form in conjunction with the form Emory University used in their landmark study showing tai chi improved balance in seniors. She uses her knowledge as a therapist in her classes to help her students use the tai chi movements and mechanics in daily life, making tasks easier.

She has also developed 3 other community classes through her skills as a therapist and Tai Chi instructor:

  • Balancing as You Age - a program for seniors to improve their balance and prevent falls and help keep their independence.
  • The Posture Seminar - a program to improve posture and body mechanics before or as aging changes our bodies
  • Center/One-Point Class - utilizing the One-Point technique from Aikido to improve balance and body mechanics

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